Limes Audio is joining Google!

Since Limes Audio was founded in 2007, we have continuously pushed the limits of speech enhancement in our mission to provide the world’s best audio conferencing experience. Over the years, we have developed our technology and craftsmanship, and we are proud to find ourselves in a market leading position for many audio conferencing applications.

We are now very excited to join Google, where we will pursue objectives in line with our passion and continue to work towards all voice conversations sounding equally loud and clear, regardless of the distance or environment.

We are grateful to all of our customers, suppliers, partners, investors and other supporters that have been with us throughout this journey. We anticipate to continue collaborating within the community, working together towards a better audio experience for everyone. It has been ten great years so far, with more great things to come – look out for awesome Google launches in the future!

Fredric & Christian, Founders of Limes Audio

Portable and powerful — TrueVoice™ full-duplex audio conferencing software module

TrueVoice™ is advanced speech enhancement software with a straight-forward interface. Features include full-duplex acoustic echo cancellation performance, noise reduction, automatic microphone mixing and more. It can easily be integrated into a wide selection of target platforms. TrueVoice™ is the heart of high-performing audio conferencing products.

Top 10 worldwide brands choose Limes Audio

Why do top 10 companies in the business use Limes Audio for their audio processing needs — indeed, for all of their product development needs? The answer is technology benchmark results, a proven track record, and the dedication and support of our development team. Find out for yourself.

Software Licensing

Our portable audio processing software module will fit right into your hardware

Product Design

We are experts in audio hardware, mechanical and industrial design