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Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Product Design

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Two-way communication audio processing software

TrueVoice™ is our patented and proven voice processing technology that washes away disturbing echoes, enhances speech, suppresses background noise and improves the perceived audio quality.

  • True full-duplex operation, fast adapting acoustic echo canceller (AEC)
  • Noise reduction, automatic gain control and equalizer
  • Proven performance in many fielded products

TrueVoice™ Solo

TrueVoice™ Solo supports a single microphone and is developed to give high-quality echo cancellation and noise reduction to applications with limitations in cost, size or processing power.

TrueVoice™ Enterprise

The set of features of TrueVoice™ Enterprise makes it perfectly suited as the audio processing engine of high-end speakerphones, deskphones and video conferencing systems.

TrueVoice™ Pro

TrueVoice™ Pro is our most advanced platform, supporting up to 12 microphones. It's suitable for applications such as installed audio, where great microphone uptake over a large area is required.

Product Development Project

From concept to manufacturing

We'll design an audio conferencing product from your requirements, taking it all the way from concept to manufacturing. Our proven product platforms keep time-to-market and risk at a minimum.

Starting with your concept, we'll deliver:

  • Design sketches & product specification
  • Engineering prototypes & design files
  • Design validation & type approval
  • Production validation & ramp-up support

See our reference designs   

Design & Engineering Services

Industrial, hardware & software design

We can provide parts of your audio conferencing product design, or simply contribute with our expert knowledge of what it takes in industrial, hardware and software design to achieve a superb result. We have designers and engineers on our team with extensive experience of what works and what doesn't when it comes to audio conferencing products.

  • Expert feedback on audio design
  • Industrial design & mechanical engineering
  • Embedded software development
  • Hardware development

Product Benchmarking

Benchmarking Service for Audio Conferencing Products

We have developed reliable methods for evaluating the parts of audio product performance that really matters. With our benchmarking services, we offer you the result. We'll take your product and subject it to rigorous testing — you receive a full report outlining its strengths and weaknesses, in comparison to an alternative.

The report, such as for a speakerphone, includes:

  • Echo cancellation & duplex
  • Stability of echo canceller
  • Send quality & loudness
  • Receive quality & loudness
  • Noise level & reduction
  • Range and directivity

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Our Unique Value

Limes Audio combines superior audio processing software with expertise in audio design and engineering.

The sum is even greater than the parts with outstanding audio conferencing performance available to everyone.