Reference Designs

Platforms with an excellent track record

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Mercury Conference

Designed for smaller personal conferences on-the-go and based on a tailored version of TrueVoice, the Mercury gives the same world-class audio experience as Jupiter, but in a smaller package. Connect it via USB to a computer running Skype or similar software, or through a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

Jupiter Conference

The Jupiter Conference phone was designed to allow the TrueVoice software to function at its fullest potential, providing an excellent overall audio experience. The design is based around four directive microphones and advanced patented processing/microphone mixing for reduced reverberation and noise. Connection via USB, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm analog, with conference bridging option.

Magneto Mixer

The Magneto Mixer is a high-end audio conferencing mixer, offering large scale connectivity for up to 8 microphones in large conferencing environments. Each microphone has a dedicated TrueVoice processing instance to ensure highest possible audio quality. Magneto features a web configuration interface for easy installation.

Cito Mixer

The plug-and-play audio conferencing four-channel microphone mixer Cito features superior quality TrueVoice processing on each microphone channel. Cito is perfect for small- to medium-sized conferencing environments, its small form factor allowing it to be mounted under the table, or placed behind a monitor or in an audio rack.